Integrity Spas on the Health Benefits of Owning a Spa

Integrity SpasIntegrity Spas hot tubs are more than simply a great reason to throw a party with family and friends. The health benefits—both mental and physical—of owning an Integrity Spas hot tub are considerable.

Integrity Spas staff notes that warm water therapy has been a useful tool throughout the centuries. Spas have been especially popular in Turkey, Spain, Germany, Finland and Egypt.

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Integrity Spas Offers Simple Shipping, Delivery and Installation for All Swim Spas

Integrity SpasIntegrity Spas builds and sells luxury hot tubs and swim spas to customers all over the country. As an online retailer, Integrity Spas knows the importance of providing customers with peace of mind when it comes to shipping, delivering and installing a large swim spa unit. Here, Integrity Spas walks potential buyers through the simple, yet effective, methods for getting swim spas from the factory into the backyard safely.

Q: How does Integrity Spas ship and deliver swim spas?

Integrity Spas: Because of the size and weight of the large swim spas, they are shipped on dedicated flatbed trucks directly to the buyer’s home. Once the delivery date and time are set for the spa delivery, buyers should connect with a local mobile crane service that can remove the spa from the truck and place it on its foundation. For this service, mobile crane operators generally charge $400-$600. If assistance is needed in locating and securing crane service, Integrity Spas is always available for consultation.

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Integrity Spas Explains the Hot Tub Ozonator

Integrity SpasQ: To begin, can you explain what exactly an ozonator is?

Integrity Spas: Ozonators inject ozone gas into the water, which keeps spa water cleaner and clearer. Ozone is pH neutral and naturally kills any bacteria growing in the spa. Ozone generators are also becoming pretty popular for full-size pools as well as spas and hot tubs. The ruggedness, long life and simplicity of the design make them a logical choice, and when the lower outlays of money for chemicals is factored in, they really make economic sense in the long run.

Q: Are ozonators standard equipment with most spas?

Integrity Spas: No, on most spas an ozonator is an upgrade. Not with Integrity Spas, however, as ozonators are standard with all our spas and hot tubs.

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Integrity Spas Offers Two New Swim Spas for 2013: The Jamaican and the Jamaican Extreme

Integrity SpasIntegrity Spas sets the standard for quality, service and great value. The company was a pioneer in the online marketing of spas and continues to offer luxury spas that are unsurpassed in the industry.

Q: Tell us about your two new swim spas.

Integrity Spas: We’re really excited about the Jamaican and Jamaican Extreme. At over 5 feet tall and 19 feet long, they are among the largest swim spas on today’s market. They have turbo swim jets that make them perfect for swimming, resistance exercise and water jogging, plus hydrotherapy massage for sore muscles after exercise.

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Testimonials: Integrity Spas Impressed Me

Integrity Spas“I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the extremely quick service I have received from Integrity Spas and also how wonderful and nice the spa tech that was sent out was.  He called me this morning and was at my house by noon.  He fixed the problem I had with the spa. (the leak)  I am so happy with the spa and the service I have received throughout the entire purchase. Thank you so much.  I am so happy!!” – Rose, Integrity Spas Customer

“We just received our Hot Tub!  Everything is great, we’ve inspected it and no problems.  I can’t wait to have it operational.  I’m recommending you and Integrity Spas to everyone I know who wants a Hot Tub.  There were no problems with shipping or customs, bringing it into Canada.  It has been a real pleasure dealing with you. Thank you! – Martin & Cynthia, Integrity Spas Customers

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